‘The DeathRose’ by Lesley Saine (Vol 3)

“Be careful of what you wish for – you just might get it”

The inner child within Despair climbs out and enters a world of enchantment, where within a gleaming castle a clawed hand pulls her into a fountain and her appearance changes as she emerges into another world.  She sees a young girl stumble and fall into an ancient fountain.  Silver and gold water from this fountain sprays out onto her and she appears back on the world of enchantment, with the young girl running ahead of her as though someone had been chasing her.  A young girl who now has silver and gold in her veins from the fountain – who ran straight through thick undergrowth that parted to let her through – and now sits beneath a forgotten sphere shape monument that has statues of mortals and strange unusual creatures around it.

The young girl has an imagination.  Her brother, who had been chasing after her, has not – he stubbornly only sees reality.  When the forgotten sphere shaped monument changes her, the young girl becomes the DeathRose and intends teaching her brother a sharp lesson that imagination is real.

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