Loss and not fitting in (just some thoughts on the past) – Lesley Saine

When I was younger I would learn to draw by copying nature, copying from books/comics etc.  I would write poetry, short stories and a book aswell as create many drawings.  Unfortunately, none of this earlier work exists.  Years of work was destroyed in 1990.  My fantasy book, my imaginative stories, my poems, my earlier drawings, were all destroyed.

All the work that currently exists is from 1990 onwards.  It is too easy to lose years of work – something that you can never get back again – lost forever.

Perhaps that is why I chose to start putting much of my work onto the internet for other people to see.

Often people do a lot of works over their lifetime but you hardly ever see them or, if you do, you are only treated to a miniscule portion of them.  Seeing an exhibition of someone’s lifetime of work is often a welcome treat.

There are a lot of misunderstood creatives in this world.  I remember going to see an art exhibition of someone’s featured lifetime of works and some scathing critic had scribbled in a guest book: “why is this exhibition here?  It shouldn’t be in this ‘modern art’ gallery!”  (Actually the critically comment was far more rude than that).  Yet the works were amazingly inventive and creative.  There will always be ‘works’ that someone will consider do not fit in.