Weighty, bulky, slicing through the depths
Plunging into the darkness, fathoms below
Dragging through water
Caught in the silt
Trapped in time
True strength, bulk, hidden
Encrusted by barnacles
Fronds of seaweed clinging
Small fish flitting
Predatory fish gliding, silent

Time passes
Stormy seas erupt
Battering mercilessly above
Wreckage sinks
Becomes lost
Calm settles
More time goes by
Silt shifts

A chink of light
Breaks through the gloom
Illuminates dulled metal
Lifted up and up
Away from the restricting silt
Out into the light
True strength revealed
Encrustations scraped away
Displayed in a bright room
Worthy piece of history

Time passes
Light dulls
Dust gathers
Gloom descends
To a dim corner

© 2017, Lesley Saine

[Something can be lost in time, forgotten, buried… then later be rediscovered and found to have worth… and as time passes it can become lost, forgotten, buried again when it’s worth is forgotten]

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