About Me

Welcome to my world:  please like, comment or share if you enjoy any of my work:

I am an artist, poet and writer.  My art/poetry/writing featured on this site was created from 1990 onwards.

Art: I am an imaginative artist (creating from rough sketches/doodles).

Poetry: Most of my poetry is featured within my fantasy Novels.  ‘The Death Angels’ (Vol 1) has the most poetry in.  Each book is slightly different in content and some only have a few pieces of poetry in.  My collected poems from 1990 onwards are in the paperback ‘COLLECTED POEMS’ available from Amazon.

Writing: I created a series of four fantasy Novels based around ThornRose and the ThornRose sphere that empowers her and that has the potential to change worlds and lives.  I self-published them through Createspace.  The paperbacks are available from Amazon.

My ‘random thoughts/musings about life/& other stuff’ can be found at: Saine Corner http://sainecorner.com/

Due to health reasons I may only blog occasionally.

Thank you for visiting.





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