Artist’s dilemma

Artist’s dilemma

Canvas paintings, medium, supposedly as practice
‘Supposedly’ because they were meant to be
Somehow they have taken on a new life
A pencil sketch, added marker line
Washed with acrylic in brilliant hues
Now medium canvases sit disjointed
Bird doodle one side, pattern on the other
On either side of a larger canvas
The doodle, the pattern, repeated as one
Neatly fitting together on the central large canvas
Making it almost a triptych
Sitting on top, yet another large canvas
Bare white canvas, marked with pencil
Awaiting its marker line, when the pen arrives
To follow, its wash of acrylic, and then?
Who knows? Hesitancy to follow through?
Yet again. Perhaps another repeat to come?
Or flood this canvas with added shades?
Let the deed be done
To repent at leisure
Or leave it as it is
Enjoying the vibrancy
Splash of colour
© 2015, Lesley Saine

Deciding not to add another colour to the medium canvases and instead to repeat the doodle/pattern design onto one larger canvas. Except then deciding not to add another colour on top of the larger canvas also… which results in starting again with another large blank canvas. So far just a pencil line, waiting for a marker pen to arrive in the post… then waiting for some more acrylic to arrive… whilst the dust gathers with indecision on what to do next.  Too easy to use waiting for supplies as an excuse not to do something. Waiting for a marker pen. Waiting for some acrylic. In the meantime the bright acrylic hues light up the dark, dusty room.

(take your own sweet time…) – Part 2

Untitled 2 - acrylic on canvas - Lesley Saine, 2015

Stage 2 – acrylic on small canvases – Lesley Saine, 2015

Untitled 1 - pencil and marker drawings on paper and canvas - Lesley Saine, 2015

Stage 1 – from coloured pencil drawing to pencil and marker drawings on small canvases – Lesley Saine, 2015

Finally got round to making a mark on the small white canvases (Stage 1), using pencil and marker pen.  In (Stage 2) I left the background bare canvas on the pencil one, which made the acrylic colours very bright.  On the other small canvas that had marker pen I added a wash background first, which dulled down the acrylic colours.

I thought it would help by doing two different canvases to see which method might be better to use.  Not sure it helped at all… as on their own they both seem ok… but put together (Stage 2) I can’t decide which method looks better than the other, can you?


“It’s a bit like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for grown-ups… but without ‘Alice’ or the ‘Wonderland’.” – Lesley Saine

If asked to describe my work, and specifically about ‘The Death Angels’, I might say:

“It’s a bit like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for grown-ups… but without ‘Alice’ or the ‘Wonderland’.  (‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll was a fantasy book about a young girl who fell through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures.)
ThornRose, in ‘The Death Angels’ by Lesley Saine, lives on a dull, drab planet until she is pulled into a carved book into another reality.  So, the similarity is mainly that someone enters another world.  The series is filled with a constantly changing eclectic, fluctuation of enigmatic scenarios, snapshots of lives, exploration of emotions and now and again some poetry thrown into the mix.”