‘The Purple Queen’ by Lesley Saine (Vol 4)

“Your nightmare world will keep you trapped”

Perpetua, who had been crowned queen of the central world by ThornRose, was originally a mortal child. A mortal child who had imagined escape from the harsh reality of her life by imagining her bedroom as a sanctuary and herself as the Purple Queen, queen of the realm of her Purple Bedroom.
As sunlight breaks through the darkness, Perpetua realizes that she is no longer on the central world, that she is now on a world that has become an expanded version of the realm of her Purple Bedroom. This purple world was different though, no longer her sanctuary: nightmare thoughts that she wanted to forget, created from the anger hidden deep inside her imagination, were bubbling up and wanting to be set free.
Far far way in the distance, on the edge of the horizon, was a door slightly ajar from which dark billowing clouds emerged, mushrooming up and enveloping the purple realm. Perpetua is about to enter the doorway in order to face her ‘inner demons’. ThornRose and some of her companions will follow Perpetua into her nightmare reality but what will they find on the other side of the gateway or doorway they choose to enter?